About Us

The children of Greek immigrants, it was a natural evolution for Greg and Pat Pappas to open a restaurant. After all, cooking and entertaining is a Greek tradition.

Greg grew up in Birmingham’s Crestwood area, watching his mother and grandmother cook, and he ‘borrowed’ some of his mother’s recipes, added a few of his own, and is making a name for himself in Birmingham’s restaurant scene.

He formerly owned Sneaky Pete’s at Eastwood Mall, managed Rossi’s Restaurant on U.S. 280 and Silvertron’s on Clairmont Avenue before opening Pappas’ Grill.

Pat is multi-talented. Some of her artwork hangs in Pappas’ Grill — scenes from her parents’ homeland in Greece.

She, too, learned to cook from her mother, and those recipes are among the many dishes now served at Pappas.’

Greg and Pat welcome their guests in the traditional Greek way, wishing all who dine there:

Καλή όρεξη (pronounced Kalí órexi)

For those of you who think that’s Greek to you, the message is simple and heartfelt: “Good Appetite!”

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