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Vestavia Voice: Pappas’ Grill

Beads of sweat had begun to form on Greg Pappas’ brow. He lifted his head from the sizzling grill in front of him to glance at the door to his hole-in-the-wall eatery, Pappas’ Grill. His glance revealed a line of chatting customers, some holding money while others patiently waited with empty cups. His blink in […]

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Restaurateur Greg Pappas prepares tzatziki sauce for Birmingham’s Greek Festival

Greg Pappas started making the tzatziki sauce for Birmingham's Greek Festival in the late 1970s, he says. (Courtesy: The Birmingham News)

By Alec Harvey, The Birmingham News September 26, 2012 The gyro sandwich with tzatziki sauce has become one of the favorites on the menu at Birmingham’s annual Greek Festival, thanks in no small part to restaurateur Greg Pappas. Pappas, the chef and owner of Pappas’ Grill in Vestavia Hills, started preparing the tzatziki sauce for […]

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Pappas’ Grill in Vestavia is deliciously authentic

Pastichio with Greek-style potatoes and Greek salad is a favorite at Pappas' Grill in Vestavia Hills. (Courtesy: The Birmingham News/Michelle Campbell)

Special to The Birmingham News August 10, 2012 VESTAVIA HILLS, Alabama — The Greek restaurant tradition in Birmingham is almost as old as the city itself. Generations of Greeks and their Greek-American descendants have added a significant flair and flavor to our local restaurant scene. It’s why folks in Birmingham have favorite places for baklava […]

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New specials at Pappas’ Grill

Our prime rib special is every Thursday night after 5 p.m. Each Friday night the special is our baked lamb. Come and taste for yourself why the Birmingham News called Pappas’ “Greek done right,” why the Urban Spoon gave the menu a 5-star rating and Hotline dubbed this neighborhood grill, the “Mecca of fine foods.”

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